Senegalese soldiers membrers of ECOWAS forces (Economic Community of West African States) patrol in Barra, on January 22, 2017. West African troops approached the Gambian capital on January 22, 2017 to secure President Adama Barrow's arrival from neighbouring Senegal, as controversy erupted over the assurances offered to Yahya Jammeh to guarantee his departure. Jammeh flew out of The Gambia on Saturday, ending 22 years at the helm of the tiny west African nation, and landed in Equatorial Guinea where he is expected to settle with his family. The Senegalese general leading a joint force of troops from five African nations said soldiers had nonetheless entered The Gambia to "control strategic points to ensure the safety of the population and facilitate... Barrow's assumption of his role." / AFP PHOTO / Carl DE SOUZA

Classement des puissances militaires : le rang peu glorieux du Sénégal en Afrique

Comme à son habitude, le site américain spécialisé dans la défense, Global Fire Power a publié le classement des armées les plus puissantes au monde […]

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